Think of someone you admire…

Think of why…

If like me, there are a variety of people (most of them you’ve never met, I’ve asked Oprah over for afternoon tea and cake so many times..)

Chances are you admire their ‘genius’ qualities and are drawn to not just what they stand for but how they make you feel. By understanding how to brand your ‘genius’ qualities you will learn how to get noticed and be remembered for all the right reasons. How do you make people feel? Is your archetype ‘The Challenger’ – striving to make a difference, or ‘The Queen’ – powerful and in control, or are you ‘The Jester’ – using humour to shock, entertain and win.

Like it or not, you already have a personal brand, but does it show off your ‘genius’ edge? Do you even know what your brand is? And do others reactions match your version of you? 

Discover the 7 psychological keys to branding your genius edge and learn how to use the psychology of feelings and archetypes to hook, hold and hypnotise your audience. Whether you’re an employee, freelancer, coach or consultant. The Branding Your Genius masterclass and coaching is a step by step guide to elevating yourself and getting known.

It’s sad but true – My awesome live (not recorded videos) online Branding Your Genius masterclass and coaching course will become available only at the end of May 2018, and only for a few days.

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